Nomad Safaris Queenstown

From NZ$195 per adult

Nomad Safaris Queenstown

Queenstown 4WD specialist Nomad Safaris has 20 years experience in operating small and personalised backcountry adventure tours around Queenstown, New Zealand.

The award winning Safari of the Scenes will capture the heart of the most avid LOTR fans.

Enjoy historical adventure trips to the abandoned gold mining towns of Skippers Canyon and Macetown. Or experience spectacular views of Queenstown whilst riding 400cc automatic ATVs with a Quad Safari.

Activity Options

Lord of the Rings Tours

The Queenstown area featured prominently in the filming of the incredibly popular Lord of the Rings trilogy. Nomad Safaris operate two different LOTR tours and both can be done in one day!

Safari of the Scenes – Queenstown Lord of the Rings

Visit the filming locations of Minas Tirith, Misty Mountains, the Pillars of the Kings (Argonath), Gladden Fields, the Ford of Bruinen and more. Travel an historic goldmining road, following the Arrow River, stopping for a refreshing morning or afternoon tea and the opportunity to try your hand at gold panning. Take in the spectacular panoramic views over the Wakatipu Basin.


  • Visit LOTR filming locations
  • Travel the Skippers Canyon Road to Lighthouse Rock
  • See spectacular views over the Wakatipu Basin
  • Gold pan in the Arrow River

Departs 8.15am & 1.30pm (allow 4 hours return)

Includes: Gold panning & refreshments.

Safari of the Scenes – Glenorchy Lord of the Rings

The tour to rule them all, for LOTR fans. This scenic safari offers breathtaking mountain and forest views along the shore of Lake Wakatipu towards Glenorchy and the Paradise Valley. Visit the filming locations for Isengard, the Ithilien Camp, Lothlorien & Fanghorn forest and the Seat of Seeing / Battle of Amon Hen and many more.


  • Visit filming locations from LOTR, The Hobbit, X-men Origins: Wolverine, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and others
  • Bring the films to life – dress up and take photos in our replica props
  • Visit Paradise Forest – the Forest of Middle-earth

Departs 8.00am & 1.30pm (allow 4.25 hours return)

Includes: Movie props & refreshments.

4WD Tours

Experience true off-roading with Queenstown’s professional adventurers. Small, personalized tours take you deep into NZ backcountry. Step back in time with Nomad Safari to the gold rush of the 1860’s!

Skippers Canyon 4WD – The Gold Nugget

A heritage 4WD tour venture down the Skippers Road – hacked by hand and clinging to the sheer Cliffside high above the Shotover River. Enjoy the awe-inspiring scenery from high above the gorge or down on the shores of the Shotover River, known as the richest river in the world in the days of the gold miners.


  • Travel the Skippers Canyon Road
  • Cross the Skippers Suspension Bridge
  • Visit the resorted Skippers township
  • Gold pan in the Shotover River

Departs 8.15am & 1.30pm (allow 4 hours return)

Includes: Gold panning & refreshments.

Macetown 4WD – The Rugged Road

Follow the miners’ old wagon trail and explore the historic gold mining town of Macetown. Long since abandoned after the gold rush, Macetown has now been transformed into a Department of Conservation reserve. Experience the narrow, rugged road in safety with a Nomad Safaris tour.


  • True off road experience with over 25 river crossings
  • Explore the remains of Macetown township
  • Gold pan in the Arrow River
  • 4 pax max per vehicle

Departs 8.00am & 1.30pm (allow 4.5 hours return)

Includes: Gold panning & refreshments.

4WD Experience – U Drive

The Nomad Safaris 4WD Experience operates on a purpose-built test track incorporating the natural terrain on Queenstown Hill, before progressing onto the Macetown Road through the Arrow River. Obstacles and challenges include banked turns, ditches, poles and even a slalom course! Once on the river, the instructor will teach you the best routes and what to look out for. Learn to 4WD like a pro!

Passengers: Additional people are welcome, charges apply.

Departs 8.00am & 1.30pm (allow 4.5 hours return)

Includes: Refreshments.

Note: Drivers need to be 21+ with the ability to drive manual gear box vehicles, and be conversant in English. A valid credit card is required for liability and insurance purposes.

Nomad Quad Safaris

Experience the thrill of quad biking on spectacular Queenstown Hill, with 360 degree panoramic views and over 25kms of off-road terrain. Full training provided by expert guides before your guided safari begins. Guaranteed fun, safety & adventure for all levels of ability! 2 hours PLUS on quads!

Departs 8.30am & 1.30pm (allow 3.5 hours return)

Includes: Refreshments.

Note: Rivers must be 16+, be conversant in English and have not have consumed alcohol or recreational drugs in the last 12 hours. A valid credit card is required on the day for liability and insurance purpose.

Other Information

Group sizes are kept small with a maximum of 6 clients per driver/guide to ensure a personal experience.

Many of the Nomad Safaris tours offer an upgrade to 4 Pax Max, for a more personalised experience. Please enquire for more information.

Enjoy free pick-up and drop off from/to your Queenstown accommodation.

Qualmark Endorsed.

Qualmark Enviro-Gold award winners.